You can manage your own campaign. You pay once, but…

We give you both: ADVN coins + Gift Cards

Beginner Pack

Price: 1.000 – 9.999 EUR
and you will get

1 ADVN = 0,25EUR
for Advertising 
50% Spending Bonus
in AD:VANTAGE Gift Cards**

Enterprise Pack

Price: 10.000-49.999 EUR
and you will get

1 ADVN = 0,15EUR
for Advertising
100% Spending Bonus
in AD:VANTAGE Gift Cards**

* You can build your own Engagement Program on the AD:VANTAGE Platform and you would reward Users for that engagement, directly with ADVN Coins. If you do not use all of the ADVN Coins you can sell them on Internal Advertising Exchange, for the price you decide.
** You choose the value of Gift Card which you would use to reward Users who buys at your Place. It would be from 1% to 99%, anything you like. 
***All conditions are specified in the Advertising Agreement for the use of AD:VANTAGE platform

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