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How Success Fee works?

You think about your Business.
We think about the rest!

Illustration shows example with Standard Plan

Three Plans for any Merchant situation

Success Fee Plans or Prepaid Plans

Activate Your Account

and start to attract AD:VANTAGE Users, right away

Yearly Activation Fee

from 20,00 EUR*

Create, activate and manage your Merchant Account for 1 year.
We cover all costs: from designers and programmers to servers and clouds.

Creative Solution

0,00 EUR

You send us materials and we work 24/7 to attract more Users to your Place.

Campaign Cost

0,00 EUR

Don’t think about the cost of the Campaign.
We reward Users’ Attention on your name.

*as an average cost of activation and advertising campaign in AD:VANTAGE

Do you need a customized solution?

You can choose the Shopping Credits reward percentage and manage campaigns yourself.

Merchants activated in AD:VANTAGE App


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